A gentle reminder


for everyone who might need to hear that right now (which reads as mostly me I guess because I am like that):

What you share about your WIP(s) – be it OneShots, drabbles, posts on worldbuilding and characters – is not set in stone. Just because there is a OneShot somewhere going deeper into a minor/major detail you now decided to discard doesn’t mean you can’t discard the detail. (read: any variants of this; characters, locations, plot points, etc.)

I haven’t seen this on my dashboard yet but I like to think that things are only truly canon when they appear in your final draft; the one you are done with and ready to send out to agents or publishing houses, the one you intend to self-publish. That one. Everything else is just testing the waters and exploring things.

So if you are like me and frequently end up trying to find a way around a problem in the plot just because there is this one post you once made about this piece of plot and you feel unable to discard or change it as needed: stop it.

You can change whatever the heck you want, no matter how many posts you’ve written about it already

Of course, that’s what I want myself to remember.  It’s okay to change things even after having them included and introduced as a part of your WIP. That’s basically what editing is there for; to adapt everything else to changes you made along the way or to find things that need changing.

(You might have a different stand on this maybe and that’s fine. After all, no one writes the same way and every writer has their own set of “rules” and advice they prefer following.)

But if you needed to hear that, this post is for you (and for me)





Me trying to figure out the distance between places and how long it’ll take a character to get there in a society that travels mostly on foot:

What I do is determine about how many miles the distance is, after that I look up two European cities that are about that far apart, and switch the Google maps thingy from car to walk.

Holy shit my dude! Why you gotta blow my mind like this!?

I am absurdly happy I haven’t made a habit of posting the exercises I’ve been writing for this C280k workshop. Today and the rest of week 5 are focusing on trauma. We can elect to skip these exercises, create a fictional trauma to write about, or dive in and write about our own.

While I’m not opposed to sharing what I’m writing – because this is the ultimate of anonymity – I’m not in the right mindset to handle anything that might come after. Multiple studies done (that Tim referenced) have proven that this practice worsens the effects of trauma immediately afterward, only to showcase improvement over time. 

So in time, I will be okay to post them should I ever feel like it. Right now, though? I should probably complete the exercise and then disappear off social media entirely for the rest of the day. Social media exacerbates depressive thoughts, it’s not healthy for me to feed into that cycle when I’m already knowingly experiencing a low.


Hey writers

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C280k Wk 4 Day 4

He just made me write a scene using only one syllable words! One syllable words!! Do you realize how hard that was??

Let me paint this for you: This week is about the elements of style. He’s pushing us to work outside whatever style we’ve naturally adapted and try out different ones by rewriting the same scene over and over again. I haven’t minded, it’s been a fun exercise. Until today. My scene is a memory I have from college and it happens after the semester is over. USING ONE. SYLLABLE. WORDS.

I’m honestly surprised I was able to get some of those sentences out. I have never considered my style elaborate or anything beyond quietly simple, but holy crap was that a simplicity I’ve never attempted in my life. 


Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash.

Best advice I’ve received so far


  • the time you take being jealous of other people’s success is the time you could be using to build your own
  • you’re never going to “feel like it”
  • doing and practicing now is better than waiting for the perfect moment
  • eliminate people with toxic habits from your life
  • you are in control. Everything you’ve done up to this moment led you here. Therefore, your future is determined by what you do now.
  • everything is as it should be and only later in life you can connect the dots.
  • self discipline will give you freedom. consistency will give you results
  • everything is temporary. You should find freedom in this concept
  • the rich stay rich acting poor and the poor stay poor acting rich
  • being healthy means finding a balance between the good and the bad
  • the people that outranked you have outworked you.
  • you can’t be grateful and negative at the same time.

Meditate on these statements. They are so very powerful! Xxx