The Casual Price of Vacancy

Earlier this week when thinking about the release of this book, I had no intentions of buying it due to that I have maybe $5 in my account at the moment — being out of a job does that to you. While thinking it over, I remembered I still have money on the gift card attached to my nook. I’ve made a habit to only purchase books on my e-reader through gift cards so I didn’t inadvertently spend money ear-marked for bills on books. I have enough left on the gift card to cover about three more books and thought this could be one of those books. However, upon finding the book in the e-book store, I couldn’t go through with the purchase simply because:

$17.99 for a fiction e-book is ridiculous.

After doing a quick Google search of the reasoning behind this, I have to admit that from a business perspective, I understand why that’s happening. I don’t agree with it, but making money is making money and money pays the bills. I’ve then considered trying to find the actual gift card that’s set up to the account and buying the book in store, which at $21 is not bad for a newly printed, hardcover book. ($35 on the other hand…)

I had a few ideas at first, but after thinking it over, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m simply going to wait out the price. In a month or two, I’m sure there could be a deal running on the book (Black Friday, perhaps?) or the e-book will drop to a much more manageable price. In the meantime, I can concentrate on other novels I’ve let fall to the side in anticipation, or scratch a few itches and reread some favorites. While I’m not 100% behind the idea of waiting to read JK Rowling’s new book, not one part of me can justify spending that much on text on virtual pages.

I am curious of what other readers have done. If you purchased the book, what are your thoughts on the price? Was the novel worth the money spent? If you have not purchased it, do you plan to? Are you interested at all? Throughout all the talk of this book, I’ve kept myself away from the conversations. I don’t want to know anything about the story line when I turn to that first page. In doing so, I’ve found that while I don’t know the plot line, I also don’t know the reactions of other people. I would appreciate remaining spoiler-free, but I would love to hear about your thoughts of what I’ve already encountered.


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