Easter Blue and White

I have a white skirt and pair of blue heels I haven’t worn yet. I absolutely love both of them, but just haven’t found the right event or outfit to utilize them in. Being that tomorrow is Easter, the light bulb clicked on and I realized tomorrow would be the perfect day to wear them. To add to the outfit, I actually did my nails to match and decided on a blue to white gradient.


The colors I used were both OPI; the white is My Boyfriend Scales Walls and the blue is …Eurso Euro. While I love both of these colors, I have to rave on this white. I’ve read lots of love for this color over different blogs and just didn’t get it. Then, the bottle kind of landed in my lap for a penny and I decided what the hell. I can’t believe I waited so long to get it. I love this white! It’s creme, so it only took me two coats to get it opaque, and it was completely opaque. I couldn’t see through it even if I held my nails up to the sun. Normally, I don’t wear white without another color, ever, but I left this one alone for a day. It has a very slight gray shade to it, which helps it not look like white-out. The formula didn’t look chalky, either, and I adore it.

The gradient was simple: paint two strips of the colors on a makeup sponge and dab the polish onto the nail. It’s quick and easy to do, but it makes a mess. It took me a good two hours to get all the polish off my skin. Definitely worth it, though. I can’t wait to put on my outfit to match tomorrow.



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