Mix and Match

My nails are growing! I’ve been vigilant with lotion and cuticle oil and nail strengthener and oh my gosh have I been filing. So, in essence, I’m back to my old habits on nail care and I can see a difference. I’m really liking the length they are at right now, too, and it’s sparked some creativity. After so long of simple one-color manicures, I’ve decided on a mix and match theme with an accent of glitter.

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The most delicate manicure I’ve ever done.

In my resolution to continue posting through my short nails phase, I found a few pictures on my cell phone from an older design. I finally got my hands on China Glaze’s For Audrey and decided to see if it was worth the hype. To say the least, it definitely was. This blue was so beautiful I couldn’t resist adding a design.


Sorry for the low quality. It was a quick snap from my phone.

The white is another favorite of mine, Solitare from OPI’s Bond Girls collection. It’s a Liquid Sand, but it’s a finer grit than the sand from the Mariah Carey collection. The pieces of glitter I took from OPI The Living Daylights. What started out as just the blue with a quilted accent nail evolved over the day into a mix-match manicure. It has been my absolute favorite manicure to date simply because it turned out so well.

Unfortunately, this was the last manicure I had before the beginning of my nail breaks. While cleaning two days later, my pointer nail practically snapped in half when a drawer didn’t pull out and my nail was stuck on the handle. Thankfully, that nail has almost grown out again, and the others don’t have much longer to go. I can’t wait to get my nail length back.

Apologies and Minions

First, I am so sorry I fell off the face of the earth. Life got in the way completely, and then when it settled down, I broke two nails. (Make that three. It’s been rough on my nails.) I’ve been waiting to grown them back out before posting again. However, after the consistent breakage, I realized I’ve been away for too long. I’m just going to have to take pictures of them short and continue with the posts. I’m sure there’s something I could do.

And there was. I, like a lot of people, went to see Despicable Me 2 last week. It was worth it. I laughed throughout the entire showing both times we saw it. To decorate the occasion, I put some time aside for some nail art. Minions!

MinionThis manicure made me realize how much I need actual dotting tools. It would have made this particular attempt much easier. The blue I used is Manhunt by China Glaze. It’s a beautiful navy blue. The tone on my middle finger is closest to how actually dark it is. Still a very pretty blue. The yellow is OPI’s Need Sunglasses. I love the yellow, but it took multiple coats to get it opaque. I’m going to have to keep looking for a good, solid yellow. For the rest of the colors, I used China Glaze Concrete Catwalk, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, and NYC Black Lace Creme.

I loved this manicure. It brought a smile to my face every time I looked at my hands. I did get a couple comments on my nails, which to me is always a success. This might be something I’ll revisit once I acquire the right tools to perfect it.