The most delicate manicure I’ve ever done.

In my resolution to continue posting through my short nails phase, I found a few pictures on my cell phone from an older design. I finally got my hands on China Glaze’s For Audrey and decided to see if it was worth the hype. To say the least, it definitely was. This blue was so beautiful I couldn’t resist adding a design.


Sorry for the low quality. It was a quick snap from my phone.

The white is another favorite of mine, Solitare from OPI’s Bond Girls collection. It’s a Liquid Sand, but it’s a finer grit than the sand from the Mariah Carey collection. The pieces of glitter I took from OPI The Living Daylights. What started out as just the blue with a quilted accent nail evolved over the day into a mix-match manicure. It has been my absolute favorite manicure to date simply because it turned out so well.

Unfortunately, this was the last manicure I had before the beginning of my nail breaks. While cleaning two days later, my pointer nail practically snapped in half when a drawer didn’t pull out and my nail was stuck on the handle. Thankfully, that nail has almost grown out again, and the others don’t have much longer to go. I can’t wait to get my nail length back.


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