Mix and Match

My nails are growing! I’ve been vigilant with lotion and cuticle oil and nail strengthener and oh my gosh have I been filing. So, in essence, I’m back to my old habits on nail care and I can see a difference. I’m really liking the length they are at right now, too, and it’s sparked some creativity. After so long of simple one-color manicures, I’ve decided on a mix and match theme with an accent of glitter.

Green and Beige shadeThe colors used are China Glaze In the Lime Light, Essie Brooch the Subject, and China Glaze Glistening Snow. I’ve had Brooch the Subject for a long time and just never got around to using it. It’s definitely a little darker nude than what I’ve been wanting, so I’m back to searching, but I do like how it turned out with this design. The picture above was taken outside, but it’s been rainy all summer so there were some serious clouds when I took it. However, the green is a bright, almost neon green, so I think it shows well in that photo.

Green and Beige artificialThis one was taken inside. I think it shows off the glitter better, and I like my skin tone. My favorite nail is the gradient, by far. After I finished all of it, I just wanted to take it all off and just do the nude to green gradient. I love that French-tip affect it gives, so when I find my perfect nude (which might end up being a pink), I’m definitely going to be giving a French tip gradient a try.

My thumb is a simple glitter triangle at the tip of the nail. As you can see, it’s short. I helped with another move and lost that nail, but I’m grateful that was the only casualty. Now I’m just going to enjoy this design until it chips off (because of how many coats I use for the glitter, that has a tendency to pop completely off my nail) or until I get bored.



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