Gold Outline

I hate photographing neon colors. It’s almost impossible to get right — especially if you’re me and have absolutely no idea how to operate a camera further than point, focus, and shoot. But, I tried, and well, here’s what I got:

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Hand Placed Glitter

Another Monday! I’m getting myself into the schedule of posting every Monday. I eventually plan on (hopefully) being consistent enough in my nail art to add another day and have two posts a week. For right now, though, let’s see how posting consistently once a week works.

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Hogwarts House Colors

After my oh-so-clean Sand chevrons, I wasn’t entirely sure where to go next…until my nephew popped up in the picture. We were talking about different things and he was throwing out ideas for my nails left and right. One stuck out in my head and I decided to give it a shot.

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Sand Chevrons

I finally caved and bought OPI’s My Vampire is Buff. While figuring out designs to try, I realized I didn’t own a cream, so one day I brought that bottle home and went to town. I kept the design simple, but I absolutely loved it.

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