Sand Chevrons

I finally caved and bought OPI’s My Vampire is Buff. While figuring out designs to try, I realized I didn’t own a cream, so one day I brought that bottle home and went to town. I kept the design simple, but I absolutely loved it.

ChevronMy Vampire is Buff was a very easy color to work with. This only took two coats and I liked how it accented against my skin. I had it on for a day before I added OPI’s Jinx. Jinx is another Liquid Sand from the Bond Girls collection. I purchased this color shortly after I bought Solitaire; it just took a while to finally use it. I love this Sand! It’s a beautiful coral shade that picks up oranges and pinks in certain lights. The shimmer on this is astounding. It didn’t look matte at all because it was just so sparkly. I’m going to be using this again.

Chevron CloseupThe chevrons were made by a pair of craft scissors and some tape. I used Scotch tape for this one, but I’ve heard of other people using painter’s tape when using the craft scissors. It took a bit of finagling to get the tape to cut perfectly, so I’m absolutely sure painter’s tape would be easier. I’m thinking of picking up a roll before trying something with those scissors again.

Chevron 2My favorite thing about this manicure is how clean I was able to get the cuticle line. I took a little more time with my cleanup because the cream color is a little unforgiving on my skin and I think the extra time was definitely worth it. My goal is to consistently keep my cleanup this neat. We’ll see how long it takes me to perfect it!

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