Hand Placed Glitter

Another Monday! I’m getting myself into the schedule of posting every Monday. I eventually plan on (hopefully) being consistent enough in my nail art to add another day and have two posts a week. For right now, though, let’s see how posting consistently once a week works.

Hand Placed Glitter 1There’s so much sparkle! I used Zoya’s Storm for the black and the pieces of glitter are from Sephora by OPI Beam Me Up Hottie!. I am completely blown away with Storm! I had heard conflicting reviews about it, and for the first couple hours I had it on my nails, I wasn’t that impressed. Then the sun came out and WOW. Indoors, the color was black with white glitter. Nothing too special, and I liked it that way. When I went outside, that holo-glitter effect that you can kind of see on my pinkie made itself known.

Hand Placed Glitter 2The glitter pieces were even better. I tried so hard to capture all of the colors. My ring-fingers were mirrors. Seriously. I was completely impressed with how reflective this was. And in the sunlight, it was absolutely beautiful. Placing the glitter actually wasn’t too difficult. I used one of my orange wood sticks to pull the glitter off the bottle brush and place it on my nail. If anything, these required more patience than talent.

Hand Placed Glitter 3I’m in love with both polishes I used, but I probably won’t use them together again. I was not expecting the reflection off the black, and I think the additional large glitter was just too much. It was fun while it lasted, so I definitely look forward to using them in the future.



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