Gold Outline

I hate photographing neon colors. It’s almost impossible to get right — especially if you’re me and have absolutely no idea how to operate a camera further than point, focus, and shoot. But, I tried, and well, here’s what I got:

Gold Outline 2I promise you, that coral is much brighter in person. The colors I used are China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy and OPI’s Oy-Another Polish Joke! I’ve had both of these colors for a while, but never thought of putting them together. Actually, I didn’t even think of combining them until I had already worn Flip Flop Fantasy for a day.

Gold Outline 3I finally decided to use the neon and stared at the color all day at work. I got this image of gold being added to it, so I grabbed a white striper and painted the outline. Then, took the striper brush, dipped it in the gold and voilà! I feel this is came out much more elegant than I anticipated. I love the color combination and think the gold just makes the coral pop. It was weird. I liked the white outline and was disappointed when I painted over with gold. After a few hours though, the gold had grown on me and I’m happy I went on with the change.

Gold Outline ShadeThis photo is in the shade and I feel it’s the best representation of Flip Flop Fantasy I was able to get. I think it’s my favorite shot because you can see the brightness the best. I really do like the gold, too. I think OPI did a good job making a gold glitter that was subtle.


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