“Designer” Stripes

Hi there! I wanted to post some awesome University of Miami nails I did over the weekend to celebrate their amazing win over the University of Florida, but I can’t find the chord to my camera. I’m trying not to freak out, and am doing a pretty good job so far, but I seriously hope I can find it soon. So, those green and orange nails will have to wait for another week. Today, I have a manicure I did a bit ago with colors from OPI’s Designer Series.

"Designer" Stripes and Fun 1The humidity was horrible when I took these pictures and fogged up my camera lens. I’m deeply sorry about the fuzziness of these photos, but they were the best I got. (I didn’t realize how bad they were until I uploaded them to my computer, which unfortunately was after the polish had already come off.) The colors were ridiculously flashy, though! I used OPI DS Radiance, DS Lapis, and DS Pewter. Radiance is a really pretty silver foil-y polish that I really enjoyed. It’s not holographic, but it’s shiny and bright enough to make up for it! Lapis and Pewter are new colors added to the Designer collection and I could not resist purchasing them.

"Designer" Striped and Fun Shade


According to OPI, the two new colors are advertised as “raw granite” instead of the normal diamond dust that is infused with the rest of the line. They are supposed to be matte and textured colors, which I can give them to an extent. The colors definitely dried matte (and the shimmer was gorgeous, but not the effect I wanted for this manicure) and slightly textured. They are not nearly like the Liquid Sand polishes! I would equate the textured feel of these to glitter polishes. Two top coats smoothed it over, but they weren’t really rough to start out with.

"Designer" Stripes and Fun CloseupThey really are that sparkly. I loved having them on my nails and starred at them a bit more than I want to admit when I was out in the sun. The Designer Series is a little pricey, but if you can get them, I really suggest you do! I was able to pick them up at work, so I got them for an excellent deal (my employee discount is the best perk of my job), but I would definitely buy Lapis full price if I had to.

Happy Monday, all! I hope today’s a good start to a good week.


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