Matte Dots

I found my camera chord! I have no idea where it was. It just kind of appeared on my bed. I’m just glad to have it. And I broke another nail. I’m getting slightly aggravated with my nails, but I’m trying to be patient. However, I do have a few more weeks of posts already in place, so I have a bit of time to nurse this one back to health (and get off my butt and purchase some silk forms to mend breaks). But enough rambling!

Matte and DotsMatte dots! Well, actually, I guess the dots aren’t matte, and it’s more shiny dots on matte polish, but that doesn’t sound as catchy. The polish is Zoya Savita and the dots were made with two top coats: Essie’s Super Duper Top Coat and Seche Vite. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to do, but wanted to use this polish. I decided to just leave it matte and add a subtle design.

Matte and Dots CloseupThe ring finger was my favorite nail. I definitely overestimated how this would work. It was extremely subtle in person, but I was happy for a few of the pictures. As much as I liked the polish, it showed every dent and ding that touched my nails for the next hour. It took forever to dry, and I had to cover it a few times to cover everything, and then just let them sit.

Matte and Dots 2The French tip affect I tried on the other fingers also didn’t work out as well, but I think I can fix that with practice. For a first attempt overall, I thought this ended up looking pretty good, and I learned a couple different things from this. Most important was how drastically different the shine was between the two top coats. It was a validation of sorts for Seche Vite, which I already use pretty much exclusively.



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