Semi-Successful Water Marble

Hey there! I hope you guys had a good week. I know I did. (Miami’s 5-0! But my NFL team lost, so I guess it had to balance out.) This week I decided to give water marbling another try. I’ve done them before as a tip, which you can see here. While this one didn’t take as long, it was definitely more frustrating.

Watermarble 1The colors I’ve used are OPI’s DS Radiance and  Yodel Me On My Cell. Both of these polishes were a pain to work with. Radiance spread immediately, but broke up into squares as soon as the toothpick hit it. Yodel… took a couple drops to become opaque and had a bit more trouble spreading. So, I’m not quite happy with the designs, but I am happy I at least got them done.

Watermarble thumb


My pinkie and my thumb actually ended up being my favorite, and they were the ones I really messed up on. I accidentally double dipped when doing those nails, but loved how it turned out. Radiance worked really well for that, as you can see above with that touch of glitter.

Watermarble 2Overall, I’m really happy with them. They worked out well for me, especially after breaking the nail on my ring finger again.


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