It’s Almost Halloween!

Oh my gosh, two this week! What’s going on? Well, big things. Big things are about to happen. Okay, maybe not massive, huge things, but I’m going to give this blog a face lift and change some things (like the name!). I’ve gotten pretty good at consistently posting once a week, and I’ve actually had designs sitting in line to be posted. So, we’re going to see how posting twice a week works. I’m only worried about not doing my nails enough, but then I think: A reason to paint my nails more? Sounds great to me!

Anyway, Halloween! I usually don’t do more than one holiday design, but with a blog, why not? I had a bunch of fun doing this one and was definitely inspired by cutepolish’s video. I had some new polishes (hello, Julep’s October box!) and an overabundance of YouTube videos, so why not try something?

Halloween 1Colors are Julep Casper, which glows in the dark, Nicole by OPI’s Razzle Dazzler, and Hard Candy Black Tie Optional. It’s a mix and match mani, which was fun while painting. I was excited for Casper, as it’s the first glow in the dark polish I have. It’s a shimmer polish, which looked awesome in daylight, that took quite a few coats to build to opacity. After about four coats, I could still see my nail line, so I decided to cover most of it with black.

Halloween 2The designs are all pretty self-explanatory except the pinkie: It’s Razzle Dazzler, topped with a coat of Casper, then topped with Black Tie Optional. I was thinking it would be really neat to see a faint glow around the glitter. Well…yeah. Not really. Casper does not glow when it tops the nail. It was to build, and even then, the glow wasn’t as bright as I was hoping.

Halloween darkI had to adjust the contrast in Photoshop to even get this to show up. It was very frustrating trying to get a picture of it. I was trying on and off throughout the day. Then, when I went to bed that night, my right hand was glowing like crazy. It was ridiculous. However, I do like what I did. I love the jack-o’-lantern’s glowing as if there was a candle in it! I think that was my favorite part. Unfortunately, this manicureonly lasted a day. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I was happy to be able to play with it.

So. That was what I did this past Sunday. Stay tuned! Come my post on Monday, you should notice some pretty neat changes to the blog. I’ve been working on this on and off for the past three months and I’ve super anxious to share. It’s going to be awesome.

Have an awesome weekend!


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