Sugar Skull

Hello! I hope your week is going on well. Today, I have a sugar skull manicure to share! It was my first attempt at doing this, and I was quite pleased with how it looked. Of course there are places it can improve, but I am overall satisfied with it.

Sugar Skull 1The colors are all from OPI’s Rolling Bones, Stand in Lime for Days, The Drummer is Hot, and Yellopalooza, which are part of the Rock Goddess mini set for Halloween this year. I was quite surprised with them. The green is more of a lime color, the orange is crazy vibrant, the yellow is decently opaque, and the silver is beautiful! I read that it reminded another blogger of In Her Majesty’s Secret Service, and I have to agree with her. It’s my favorite of the four.

Sugar Skull 2I made the skull with a dotting tool and a tooth pick. The mouth was the hardest part and I didn’t get it quite perfect, but I still enjoyed how it turned out. After finishing the face on both hands, I wanted something simple to do for the rest of the nails, and so dots! The only color I had any real issue was the lime green over the silver, but it just meant I had to dot twice. For the most part, these colors worked well over the other.

Sugar Skull Matte


I spent a day with the manicure shiny, then went home to put a matte top coat over it. I love the skull matted and kept it that way until I took it off. For the most part, being matte didn’t affect the colors with the exception of Rolling Bones. You can see the tip of my thumb nail here, it became almost suede. I absolutely loved seeing that color matte and will probably do it again.

Let me know what you think! Have a good weekend and I’ll see you Monday!


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