e.l.f.’s Cruella de Vil

Hi guys! I hope this finds you well. It’s a busy week for me, but I made sure to get these nails done and uploaded early so I could share. Last week, a friend sent me pictures of an e.l.f. nail polish set at Walgreens. It holds 12 polishes; four sets of three for four female Disney villains. The first one I chose was Cruella de Vil.


Colors are e.l.f Nude, Smoky Brown, and Smokin’ Hot. I was thrown off the with colors, simply because nude and brown don’t quite fit my mental image of Cruella de Vil. Still, I worked with them.

Shade Closeup

Regardless of the colors, I decided to still stick with Dalmatian spots. I am really happy with how it turned out. The three worked really well together. Nude caught me off guard, though. Inside, it looks like a brown-based nude, and as soon as I stepped outside, it was pink! I did quite a few double takes.


The polish wasn’t that bad. My biggest complaint was the brush: it was course and hard to work with. The bristles didn’t quite lay together neatly, so I had a lot more jagged lines than I’m used to. However, the bottles were dirt cheap, so it’s not that terrible. Overall, there good for the price.


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