A Year’s Difference

Happy Halloween! I decided to take a break from the e.l.f. designs I was doing to redo one of my early nail designs. I got serious about nail art a little over a year ago, and one of my favorites from the time was my Halloween manicure. So, I’ve decided to do it again this year and show the difference!

HalloweenThe colors used are OPI’s The Drummer is Hot, NYC’s Black Lace Creme, and OPI’s Black Shatter. It’s a gradient from black to orange covered with a shatter. I had the idea last year to look like the orange was emerging from rock, and even last year’s execution worked.

Past HalloweenThat was the best picture I took. I can see a huge difference in the gradient, cleanup, and the shape of my nails. I’m a little sad that I recently had a nail break, so length isn’t that different, but I love the progress!

Halloween 2I absolutely love this design. I know shatters and crackles have been on their way out the door for a while, but I’ll be keeping mine for a while, just to be able to revisit this again.



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