Fall Waterfall

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this finds you well and you’re all anticipating the wonderful turkey-stuffing feast ahead of you. If you are unfortunately getting ready for work, I am so sorry. Hopefully, enough people choose to not shop today to ensure this doesn’t happen again next year. I know I will not be out shopping today.

Today, I have a manicure inspired by The Nailasaurus and My Simple Little Pleasures. When I saw it over at The Nailasaurus, I was intrigued, then fell in love with Colette’s version using textured polish. This is actually one of the very few styles I will copy with little change. Normally, I like to have something different, but loved this too much to alter it any way besides what colors I used.

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Holo Glitter

Hello! Are you ready for Thanksgiving this week? I still can’t believe it’s already here. For once, I would love to have a normal Thanksgiving weekend, but I’m working Friday and Saturday. Thankfully, we won’t be slammed Friday like most other places. Chances are, we’ll actually be slow. It might pick up in the afternoon after most people have finished their crazy shopping, but I don’t expect it to be crazy.

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Purple, Shimmer, and Glitter

Holy crap, can you believe next week is Thanksgiving?! It seems like two weeks ago we were starting the year out. I hate how quickly time goes by the older you get. With today’s manicure, I went back to simple. The Disney Villains followed by the striping I wasn’t a fan of burned me out. So I grabbed a color I hadn’t used and went to town.

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Blue Matte Flakes

Hey guys! Hope you’re having a good week so far. I’m sorry I missed Monday. I realized too late that my photos were still on my camera and when I needed my camera chord the most, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I have found it and uploaded all the photos from there, and here I am!

After how much work I put into the last few manicures, I decided to go simple today with simply a color with an overlaying glitter. I got a satin finish polish from my November Julep Maven box and Essie came out with two new Luxeffects colors, so I decided to combine those and throw in a matte top coat.

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e.l.f.’s Maleficent

I’m done! This is the fourth and final villain from e.l.f.’s collection, and I am happy to have it over. I enjoyed the challenge of using the colors and creating inspired manicures, but after four, I’m ready to move on. (Especially when I can’t pick out the colors myself! Doing Ursula without a purple really took a lot out of me.) I’ve actually saved my favorite villain for last. I love Maleficent! Out of the four villains, my favorites are definitely Maleficent and Cruella de Vil, but Maleficent takes the cake for being number one.

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e.l.f.’s Evil Queen

Happy Monday, all! Can you believe it’s already November? I’m still having issues accepting this. The year has gone by quick! Today, I’m continuing on with e.l.f.’s Disney Villains collection. The third one in the collection is the Evil Queen from Snow White. The color combinations for this one were much better than Ursula, so I had an easier time deciding what to do.

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