e.l.f.’s Evil Queen

Happy Monday, all! Can you believe it’s already November? I’m still having issues accepting this. The year has gone by quick! Today, I’m continuing on with e.l.f.’s Disney Villains collection. The third one in the collection is the Evil Queen from Snow White. The color combinations for this one were much better than Ursula, so I had an easier time deciding what to do.

The QueenColors are e.l.f. Cranberry, Pot of Gold, and Thunderstorm. I was considering trying to replicate the mirror, but decided to do apples instead. To be honest, these colors are my favorite from the set. They were amazingly opaque, had beautiful finishes, and just worked well together. I’m glad I wasn’t thrown another curve ball.

CloseupThe apples were done with a dotting tool: I placed a large dot at the top of the apple and drew a curved line down, then repeated on the other side. A few of them took a little bit of work to include the definitions, but I’m quite satisfied with how they turned out. For the triangles, I simply placed tape on a gold-painted nail, then swiped the red over.

ThumbI really can’t get over how much I love these colors together. I’m surprised with the gold, and the green is as deep as it looks in the bottle. Out of the twelve polishes in this collection, these were my favorite three to work with.



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