Neutral Stripes

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a good weekend. Today, I have a cream and bronze manicure to share. I decided to go for something that was a little more fall and this is what happened.

Shade 2Colors used are OPI My Vampire is Buff and Julep Chloe. I started with the cream and while trying to figure out what to match with it, Chloe popped out as a color I hadn’t tried yet. Using striping and Scotch tape, I went for something a little simple.

CloseupChloe is a really pretty bronze. After finishing the entire thing, I really wished I had switched the colors and made Chloe the more prominent color and left My Vampire is Buff for the accent nails. But, live and learn! Unfortunately, there was no sun in the sky and I couldn’t get a clear shot of the colors. I really don’t think it does the shimmer justice, but I do like how it shows the difference between the cream and shimmer.

Shade 1To be completely honest, I was not a fan. It was odd — I got multiple compliments at work on the manicure, but I just did not like it. I’m not usually a fan of neutrals and browns, and this was no exception. I think if I had switched out the cream with something else, I would like it more. I know for next time!


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