Purple, Shimmer, and Glitter

Holy crap, can you believe next week is Thanksgiving?! It seems like two weeks ago we were starting the year out. I hate how quickly time goes by the older you get. With today’s manicure, I went back to simple. The Disney Villains followed by the striping I wasn’t a fan of burned me out. So I grabbed a color I hadn’t used and went to town.

Glitter 4The colors used here are Julep Ciara with an accent finger of OPI Polka.com. I love both of these polishes. Ciara is a beautiful purple and blue duochrome shimmer that has a wonderful, deep base. The glitter in Polka.com is mixed with purple, blue, and pink hexagons with the clear base mixed with fine glitter of the same colors.

Glitter 3I was really pleased with how well these two complimented each other. If I had the patience and/or inspiration, I would have enjoyed creating a design out of the glitter, but enjoyed how it turned out anyway.

Glitter 2It was hard getting a good shot of this with the sunlight, so I don’t actually have much to say. It was weird to try and grab all the colors, but I think it worked out.


So, that’s that. Sorry it’s been a little short word-wise, but I loved the photos and think they speak for themselves. Have a great weekend!


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