Holo Glitter

Hello! Are you ready for Thanksgiving this week? I still can’t believe it’s already here. For once, I would love to have a normal Thanksgiving weekend, but I’m working Friday and Saturday. Thankfully, we won’t be slammed Friday like most other places. Chances are, we’ll actually be slow. It might pick up in the afternoon after most people have finished their crazy shopping, but I don’t expect it to be crazy.

Sun 2Today I have a purple manicure with hand-placed glitter. Colors are Ulta Ultra Violet Femme and the glitter is Sephora by OPI Beam Me Up Hottie! I swear, this color is purple. I tried so hard to get the color as accurate as possible with my camera, and even messed with the coloring in Photoshop to get it right. It still looks a little blue to me, but this was the closest I got.

CloseupI loved the glitter. It was a pain figuring out what design I was going for, and I was happy with what I ended up with. I actually had quite a few customers at work compliment my nails. A few of them even asked if they were the nail stickers! While I loved the attention, the application was a pain. It was time consuming, but I was happy with it.

Sun 1My index finger was the hardest to deal with. I had a patch on that finger, and unfortunately, the patch laid out my nail flat, so it looks ridiculously wide. But, c’est la vie. I hope you guys have a fantastic week!



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