Fall Waterfall

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this finds you well and you’re all anticipating the wonderful turkey-stuffing feast ahead of you. If you are unfortunately getting ready for work, I am so sorry. Hopefully, enough people choose to not shop today to ensure this doesn’t happen again next year. I know I will not be out shopping today.

Today, I have a manicure inspired by The Nailasaurus and My Simple Little Pleasures. When I saw it over at The Nailasaurus, I was intrigued, then fell in love with Colette’s version using textured polish. This is actually one of the very few styles I will copy with little change. Normally, I like to have something different, but loved this too much to alter it any way besides what colors I used.

Waterfall 4 Colors used are OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, What Wizardry is This?, Solitaire, My Current Crush, and Jinx. I absolutely love this manicure! To the point where I kept it on after noticeable tip wear. I was also considering doing this again right after. I’ll have to revisit this with different color schemes.

Waterfall 2Lincoln Park After Dark is a deep, vampy red. Dark enough where it looks black in most lighting, then shines red when you least expect it. What Wizardry is This? is the gold-brown Liquid Sand from the Oz collection. While I’m not a huge fan of this color, I do like using it as an accent. Solitaire (white) and Jinx (orangey coral) are both from the Bond Girls collection and I have used them before. I absolutely love those Sands and recommend them to everyone.

Waterfall 1My Current Crush is a beautiful purple that is a limited edition polish available in The Txture Effect duo that was released over the summer. The duo included the purple sand color with a base coat from OPI. I stared at it for a week before deciding to purchase it. The purple is just too pretty.

Waterfall 3I tried so hard to get the photos to look as good as it looked in real life, and I don’t think I was able to. I guess I’ll just have to keep trying!


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