Holos and Studs

Hey there! I have been horrible at remembering to post recently. I’m really sorry I forgot about yesterday. I’m in South Carolina right now: my little sister graduates today, so yesterday I was packing and traveling. Honestly, if it makes you feel any better, I’m freezing! I do not own clothes for cold weather and it’s horribly noticeable on this trip. One good thing is that I am currently wearing a thermal polish that you will be seeing next week, and I don’t have to stick my hands under water to see the change!

Anywho. Two weekends ago, I received a wonderful package full of indies and polish-related items from a fellow polish lover and decided to try a few things out. In this box were wheels of gems and stones for nail decorations, and I could not resist breaking that open first.

Sun 1How beautiful is this?! I couldn’t get over it. The color is Mentality’s Divergent. I didn’t know how to enhance it, so I settled for pearly studs at the base of the nails. I’m really sorry, but the nail wheels are at home and I didn’t remember to see what they were before I left. I can have an answer for you Monday, though.

CloseupI was so happy the sun was out when I had this color on. The pictures don’t even do the holo flecks justice. It was gorgeous on and I couldn’t stop staring at my nails. I do enjoy the studs. It was weird having something 3D attached to my nails, but I loved what it added to the manicure. It was a very simple way of spicing it up.

Sun 2Divergent can be found here and I definitely recommend it!


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