Thermal (aka the easiest gradient you’ll ever do)

Hey guys, hope you had a good weekend. I am back in warm suddenly cold Florida. It’s not nearly down to what the rest of the United States is at, but it’s cold for this native. At least it’s not miserable. One thing I do love is Florida keeps its blue skies during the winter. I don’t have to deal with that gray. Today, I have that thermal polish I was talking about last Friday. I wasn’t able to get photos of it while in South Carolina, but I tried to get some color-shifting shots today.

RegularThe color is from Pretty & Polished and is called Tomboyish. I’ve used five coats in these photos, and I still can see my nail line indoors. It is definitely a jelly color and one I would want to try layering over white. I’m not sure how that would affect the change, but it would be something to try. The above picture is simply the polish outside in 47 degree (F) weather. It really is an easy gradient.

ColdThis picture is after I’ve ran my hand under cold water for a couple minutes. It was really hard to capture these pictures. The polish is supposed to be a darker green when cold. I think it best shows on the tip of my pinkie nail. The base of my two middle nails are already starting to warm up.

WarmThis picture is after running my hand under hot water for a couple minutes. The base of the nails show the color the best. But, you can see how fast the color starts changing on the tips.

Warm HoloAnd this shows off the holo. I was not expecting that added bonus when I first put it on, but it was sure a pleasant surprise! I absolutely love this polish. As much as I want to use it for everything, I also want to make it last as long as possible. I don’t know how much longer it will be available. If you are interested in purchasing this for yourself (or a friend), you can find it here. Hope you have a good week!



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