Green and Silver Candy Canes

Hey guys! Today I have a green and silver candy cane manicure to share with you. I was in danger of not getting these photos, as a bottle of polish shattered at work today, but I was careful to not use acetone with my left hand. Whew! Anyway, here it is!

ShadeColors used are Julep Celia and OPI It’s Frosty Outside. Celia is an absolutely gorgeous metallic green. I remember reading that it had a metallic finish and was a little skeptical. I was expecting just a strong shimmer, but I was so surprised! I would recommend this color in a heartbeat.

CloseupI had the green on before I thought of a design, and I didn’t have any red that would have done with this finish, so I decided to do a non-traditional candy cane. I love how these colors look. It’s Frosty Outside is from the Mariah Carey holiday collection this year. I initially thought it was too close to Solitaire to purchase it, but after taking a second look at it, I had to buy the silver. And it goes perfectly with the metallic green.

SunI hope you all have a wonderful week. Merry Christmas! I’ll see you Thursday.



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