Orly Stripes

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Can you believe it’s the last Monday of 2013? So weird! Today, I have an Orly manicure. I don’t own a lot of the brand, but decided to try one out anyway. Unfortunately, it’s a dark, cloudy day, so I decided to try photos using one of my lamps.

InsideColors are all Orly: Royal Navy, Teal Unreal, and Oui. I really like all of these colors, although Teal Unreal stains! I painted the teal over three coats of Oui, and had stains on the bottom half of my nail. I also had to scrub it off my skin. It was crazy.

CloseupI still love these colors. Oui really surprised me. The bottle looks bronze — like a true bronze, but on the nail, it’s a jelly purple base with beautiful gold glitter. I really liked the combination of this.



I also slapped a matte coat on top to see how it looked. While I loved it over the glitter, the matte coat darkened the teal and hid the shimmer of the blue. I wasn’t a fan of this look. I hope you liked it. I’ll see you next year!



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