ILNP & Studs

Good morning! (It’s morning while I’m writing this, so I think that counts.) Today, I have a simple design to share with you using an amazing indie polish.

SunThat wonderful green is I Love Nail Polish’s Mutagen. It is a duochrome from their wonderful collection last fall and I couldn’t love it more. The colors in that collection have been lemmings of mine since they appeared, but were set a little out of my price range. (Because if I was going to buy one, I was going to buy them all!) However, a wonderful fellow nail-addict gifted me two of these colors, so…now I’m struggling to not just purchase the other two. Maybe when I get my tax return!

CloseupMutagen is mainly green with a shift between a purple, gold-ish color, and sometimes blue. I tried so hard to capture the color shift in my photos — proving once again why I am not a swatch blogger! You can see part of the shift on the left side of my pinkie and index in the above photo.



You can see it a little better in the shade photo. The shift is significant in person; just extremely hard to capture with my camera. When deciding what to do with this color, I just so happened to glance at my studs and realized the gold would be perfect. I was also rather lucky my nails were a good length to fit the studs in a line! (The same wasn’t quite true for my right hand, but I made it work.)

Bathroom lighting underwater

Bathroom lighting underwater

I even tried taking shots of my nails underwater. I’ve seen so many bloggers have success that way, and I’ll eventually figure it out. Honestly, there are some wonderful shots capturing the shift on other blogs, I’m not too worried. You can purchase this color on I Love Nail Polish’s website for $12.50.

Hope you have a good week! I’ll see you Thursday.



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