Hey there! About a month and a half ago, I tried another ruffian manicure with a bigger color contrast. I have been hesitant to post the photos because I don’t really like the manicure. I tried it right after filing my length off, and the darker color was harder to manage than I anticipated. But, I’ve had a dry spell on nail art lately, so this is really all I have.

Shade 1The colors are OPI Goldeneye and Sephore by OPI I’m With Brad. It’s just not…smooth. I just need practice, and maybe a different nail polish brush. I’ll just have to take time to play with it.

Shade 2I also can’t believe how my cuticles look. Ugh. It’s not horrible, but they definitely weren’t moisturized! However, I think this manicure lasted almost 24 hours on my nails, so I’m glad I got photos at all.

Shade 3That’s it! I’ll hopefully have something a little more polished to share Monday.



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