Milani Stripes

Hey there! Hope your weekend went well. Today, I have a simple design using Milani polish. I’ve been short on inspiration lately, so it’s been a little hard to figure out new designs.

Sun 1The colors are Milani Mint Candy and Silver Dazzle. I’ve had Silver Dazzle for a while, but Mint Candy is new to me. My sister was cleaning out her nail polish and I got to sift through what she didn’t want. I was hoping it was a lighter color than it ended, but it’s still pretty.

CloseupThe photos are two coats of Mint Candy and one coat of Silver Dazzle. I like the look of stripes down the middle of the nail, and my nails are long enough to try it. Unfortunately, this is the second time I’ve done something like this in a month, so something has to change. I just don’t know what.

Sun 2I’ve been trying different ways to position my nails, as well as hold the bottle. This is the first manicure I’ve gotten a position with the bottle I’ve actually liked, but I don’t know if I’ll keep it. I think it will just depend on the designs and the bottle. I also took the photo below inside next to a south-facing window, rather than outside in direct sunlight.

BottleWe’ll see what I think of this in the next couple tries. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I hope to find something before Thursday! I purchased a set of fine paint brushes over the weekend, so I’ll probably try my hand at that.



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