LLReinvention: French Manicure

Hey guys! I am currently using my mother’s camera until I can purchase another one. It’s been a massive difference between the two, so the styles are going to be drastically different. Hopefully, the pictures still come out well.

Today, I have something different. A couple weeks ago, The Lacquer Legion came into being as a way for nail bloggers and artists to connect through themed manicures. I love looking at all of the sub-communities and how they incorporate nail art, so I thought this was a fun way to jump in to these kind of challenges. Today’s theme is “reinvention.” All I could think about for this theme was reinventing a classic, and was stuck on a French manicure. So, I tried to spice up it up and came up with this.

ShadeI went for dots. I love the look of it. If I catch my nails out of my peripheral, they look like an acrylic French. But when I focus, I see dots. I’m quite proud of these. I used OPI’s Sweet Heart and Alpine Snow. While I think Sweet Heart is a little too pink for my hands, it works well.

Bottle 1I really am getting used to this camera. I took these photos inside, and the camera used it’s flash, and it looks great — too great. I’m having trouble getting photos that aren’t too bright. I want to show the design without washing out the nuances, but I love how well this camera captures color. I’m really not used to it.

Bottle 2I think I just have to be careful with how close I am to sunlight. The photo above is my favorite, and I got that with my back to the window and my hand in a shadow. Live and learn, right?

reinventionCheck out other bloggers with the theme all over the web!



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