Julep’s February Maven Box

Hey all! How has your week been? My brother is getting married Saturday, so I’ve been so antsy to be finished with work. Today’s my last day working before Sunday, so I’m excited for that. Last weekend I got my February box from Julep. I opted out of January because I wasn’t a fan of the colors, and I’m so happy this box’s selections were better. I tried to think of nail art, but ended up just liking the colors standing on their own.

Shade 2Colors included are Roc Solid, Diamond Theory, and Glam Roc. Roc Solid is a military green. I wasn’t sure what I would think of this, as I’ve actually already received a “military green” in a past box. I actually do like it. It reminds me of a cross between a forest green and what you would find in camo. Diamond Theory is described as a copper glitter on their website, but I would have to disagree. This was a yellow-gold, and flashed copper in certain lighting. I love it, though. It only took two coats to become opaque!

SunGlam Roc is what Julep calls a Stardust finish, which is simply a textured polish. This is my first time trying a Julep texture and I like it. It’s described as a purple with a matte gold glitter. While it’s not as glittery as other textures (hello Jinx!), there is definitely a shimmer. I found as the week went on, the glitter sort of dulled, but it lasted well.


Julep runs as a subscription. There are a few profiles to choose from that range with inclusions from nail polish and makeup. The boxes are $19.99 a month, and I’ve enjoyed the last ones I’ve received. Find out your profile here!

Hope you guys have a good weekend! I’ll see you Monday with whatever I decide to wear to the wedding.



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