Brazil [Sand] Soccer

Hey guys! Hope you had a good week. My week was packed and exhausting and nonstop. Unfortunately, this coming week will be more of the same. I wanted to share this mani with you Thursday, but didn’t have the time to edit the photos. The main issue with my posting has been cropping the photos and choosing which ones to use. I’ve found a rhythm, but it takes significantly longer than it did with my old camera.

SunI used OPI You’re So Flippy Floppy and What’s a Little Rain Forest? for this design. The colors are Liquid Sands from the Brazil collection. They are only available in a mini set that also includes a purple and pink Sand. I was thinking about what to do and wanted to use the yellow. Knowing I wouldn’t like it by myself, I added the blue.

CloseupI absolutely love these colors together. I was at work and my coworker commented on the mani. It strongly reminded me of Brazilian soccer. I had thought they wore green, but after Google, realized their uniforms are yellow and blue. It made me feel a little better.

BottleI absolutely love how vibrant these colors are. Each is three coats and you can see a hint of green where the yellow and blue overlapped. I will definitely be using these colors in the future.



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