Zoya Jelly Sandwich

Hey guys! I have a simple manicure to share with you today. A while back, Zoya had a promotion to get three polishes free and I took them up on it. Spending $27 on six bottles was a steal, and I decided to do an easy look with two of them.

SunColors used are Frida and Opal. Frida is a gorgeous green jelly polish. I’ve seen raves about it on the internet for a while and couldn’t pass up the chance to get it. While I was searching, I came across Opal, a Fleck Effect top coat. The Fleck Effect is sparse flake glitter and it went well with the jelly.

CloseupThis is probably five coats of Frida with Opal sandwiched in between coats. I wanted it to keep a murky, deep look, so decided to keep the top layer Frida, then smacked on a top coat for extra shine.

BottleI never get over how sleek the bottles are. Hope you all enjoyed! I’ll see you soon.



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