LLAdoration: Indie Holos

Hey guys! I pushed back my post this week to coincide with the Lacquer Legion’s February date. This month it’s been about adoration and when I sat down to think about what I wanted to do earlier this week, I couldn’t get holos out of my mind. Indie polishes and holos are sort of new to me, and I’m so excited to have both!

MainDoes it look weird? It’s my right hand! Would you believe that I just loved the shape of my nails so much that I photographed my right hand instead of my left? No? Okay, okay, I broke one of my nails on my left hand. It’s a pretty nasty break, so I just decided to be super careful on my right hand and use that one for pictures.

The colors I’ve used in this manicure are from the indie line, Mentality. They’re called Divergent and Moe. (I’ve posted about Divergent before.) I’m absolutely in love with these two colors. The holo is subtle enough to be a wonderful surprise in sunlight, but you can still see a hint of it indoors.

CloseupI decided to spruce up the colors by adding stripes and studs. While I wish I had chosen square studs, the round ones worked out okay. I loved looking at my nails while this design lasted.

BottleWhat have you been adoring this month?



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