Orly Iron Butterfly Swatch

Hey guys! I have a simple post for you today. I hit up two of my local Sally’s over the past week and picked up a few different colors. One of them was definitely a lemming, so I decided to try that one first.

Orly Iron Butterfly SwatchThe color is Orly Iron Butterly. I absolutely love the effect of the satin finish and knew I had to share it. I ended up with a lot of photos with the bottle included and decided to show different looks of it. The photos above and below were taken in indirect sunlight streaming through a bedroom window.

Orly Iron ButterflyThe following photos are all taken in direct sunlight with a couple different things included. I thought the subtle difference was really neat and couldn’t quite choose between the indirect and direct. I feel direct sunlight showed a little more warmth, and had the barest hint of a holo glitter.

Orly Iron Butterfly SwatchNext, because of the shine I noticed, I decided to see how it compared to an actual matte finish. My middle finger and pinkie are topped with OPI Matte Top Coat. I thought it really interesting to see the color deepen, but it definitely flattened. I’m actually not sure which one I like better.

Orly Iron ButterflyNext, I slapped a shiny top coat over the middle and pinky. Holy cow. You know how I said it had the barest hint of a holo glitter? I could see it a little clearer with the added shine. The color continued to darken, but I still love it. You can almost see bits of color in the photo, and that’s pretty accurate. The color isn’t always present, but it did flash every once in a while.

Orly Iron Butterfly SwatchWhat do you think? I’ve really been trying to post more and try out different things. So far, I think it might work. I enjoyed trying to capture the different looks of this polish, so maybe I’ll be able to continue. Have a good Thursday!



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