OPI Calendar: April

Hey guys! I know I’m a day early for April, but since I don’t like skipping a post on Monday and don’t really have anything else to share for the moment, this would do. To be completely honest, I was not looking forward to this color scheme at all. Looking at the colors on the calendar, I had no interest in owning them. Now that I have them on my nails, I’ve gone a complete 180.

OPI Hot & Spicy; OPI In My Back PocketCalendar; AprilColors used are OPI In My Back Pocket, Up Front & Personal, and Hot & Spicy. These colors don’t really scream spring to me, but I actually really enjoyed them. Up Front & Personal has become a favorite gold for me. It was a little shear — this is four coats, and there was still some visible nail line — but I absolutely love the metallic finish.

OPI Up Front & Personal; OPI In My Back PocketFor the design, I definitely took inspiration from The Nailasaurus’s Geometric design from January. I fell in love with that design instantly, and recently rediscovered it. I was at a loss for what to do with this trio of colors, and couldn’t resist trying this out. I continued trying out freehand — my stripes are no where near as perfect as hers, but I’m quite happy with them. I did use striping tape on my right hand, as I wanted a complete manicure. The designer in me prefers the striping tape version because the lines are much cleaner and the stripes a consistent width, but the artist in me loves the imperfections of my left hand.

OPI Hot & Spicy; OPI In My Back PocketWhat do you think? I quite love the look. It’s more jarring than my last manicure and I love how the colors work together.



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