April Nail Art Challenge Day 2: Weather

Hey guys! You’re getting a super rare Sunday post from me because I was unable to post for yesterday’s theme. So, I have a day-late weather themed nails!

JulepI used Julep Margaret and Isla for this look. This past week has been filled with beautiful blue skies and puffy clouds, so I had no trouble looking for inspiration for this theme. I started with two coats of Margaret, then using the saran wrap method, I added a subtle layer of Isla over. Then, I grabbed a sponge and made a couple prominent clouds.

JulepThis photographed much better than it looks in person. Isla has such a frosty shimmer, it’s really hard to see the contrast in sunlight, but I loved wearing it.

WeatherI’ve included a photo of the sky the day I did these. I want to share the sunlight!

WeatherI hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think!


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