April Nail Art Challenge Day 11: April Showers

Hey all! It’s the last day for the April Nail Art Challenge, and oh man am I relieved! It’s been interesting to do this and I’ve really enjoyed it. However. I need a break. I’m grateful I have a Julep box coming in. I’m looking forward to a swatch post. (Crazy!)

Waterfall Nail ArtFor this one, I decided to go with a waterfall design, borrowed from The Nailasaurus. The base is Essie Bikini So Teeny, which is one of my absolute favorite colors. This one is tied with Julep Margaret in terms of fave baby blue. They both match the Florida blue sky perfectly.

Waterfall Nail ArtThe stripes are all OPI Liquid Sands: the white is Solitaire, silver is It’s Frosty Outside, Kiss Me At Midnight for the lighter blue, and Alcatraz…Rocks for the darker blue.

OPI Liquid SandsWhat do you think?



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