Julep Glitter Gradient

Hey guys! How’s your week going so far? It’s half-way over, and 1:00 Saturday cannot get here quick enough! Today, I continue my journey to use up my untrieds. Instead of picking numbers like last time, I instead went by brands. I noticed that I am so close to using up all of my Julep polishes, so I grabbed two of the remaining three to use and went for it.

Julep LoveI promise it looks better in person. (The next picture is much better!) For this, I used Evelyn for the base, then applied Love to a makeup sponge and did a vertical gradient. I did not expect Love to be so pigmented! It’s a gold glitter with flecks of pink thrown in. I could not believe how quickly it became opaque.

Julep EvelynI know I didn’t quite get all the way in there, but you couldn’t notice it in real life. I actually got quite a few compliments on it — and for working with beauty professionals, that means quite a bit. I love both of these colors. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Love because I was scared it would be more pink, but that gold is stunning.

Juelp LoveLet me know what you think! You’ll be seeing a lot of me this week — I already have two more posts in the works. I should be getting my May box from Julep this week, as well. I’ll probably be sharing that with you on Monday. See you soon!



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