Emerald & Ash Cuddle-Butt

Hey guys! How has your week been? Mine has been long. I have vacation coming up in a couple weeks, so it seems like each day of work is dragging. Unfortunately, laziness has seeped into home life and I’m just now getting this post up.

China Glaze Turned Up TurquoiseI decided to go through my untried indies and grabbed Emerald & Ash Cuddle-Butt. This is a glitter packed white/gray crelly inspired from their dog, Emmett. And when I say glitter packed, it is jam packed. This is four coats, though I definitely would suggest layering it over a base. The glitter is so dense, I wish I had gone this route.

Emerald & Ash Cuddle-ButtTo add something, I grabbed Chine Glaze Turned Up Turquoise and a nail art brush. I’m quite proud of the outline I managed. It’s much cleaner than the last time I tried an outline, and I think the line through the nail are clean as well.

China Glaze Turned Up TurquoiseCuddle-Butt can be found here. I love this indie brand and am hoping to own more, but right now, there’s an awesome sale on her cuticle oil. Check it out!


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