OPI Neons

Hey guys! Hope you are having a good Memorial Day. Work is closed today, so I’m enjoying a rare Monday off. Today, I have OPI Neons to share with you. I picked up the mini set of all six colors the other day at work. Like the Essie Neons, I’ve decided to show what the colors look like with and without a white base coat. (I don’t have the white base coat OPI released with the collection, so I’ve used Alpine Snow instead.) The white coat is on my pointer and ring finger, while just a clear base coat on my middle and pinkie. These all have top coat, as they dried semi-matte and are taken outside in shade. Let me know what you think!

OPI Neons
First up is Juice Bar Hopping. This one gave me the least amount of trouble — it wasn’t too thick and applied pretty easily. It is sheerer than what my photo shows — my nail line was much more visible. Without the white base, it’s a deeper, almost jelly like color. I think this color could be used either way, but will probably need at least four coats to be opaque without the base.

OPI Juice Bar HoppingNext is Life Gave Me Lemons. To be honest, I was disappointed with this color. It is the most neon of the bunch, but still not as bright as I was anticipating. However, it grew on me while I was applying it. This color was almost opaque without the white base in two coats, but there was a color difference. Without the white base, it was leaning green, while it was definitely yellow over white.

OPI Life Gave Me LemonsThis one is You Are So Outta Lime! This one is probably my favorite color. It’s a gorgeous light green with and without the white base. I’ll most likely buy the full sized bottle of this color. It is one that needs a base, as it’s pretty sheer. I liked the formula on this the most. It applied pretty well and dried quickly.

OPI You are so Outta Lime!Next is Push & Pur-Pull. Talk about disappointment. I was so looking forward to this color. It looked like a beautiful bright purple, and then I tried it. Ugh. The formula is awful. It pulled up my white base, even though the base was dry. It was patchy on the first coat, and did not level out on the second coat. I can’t believe it’s an OPI color, because it does not have their smooth formula at all. I would definitely suggest trying this as a jelly.

OPI Push & Pur-PullHotter Than You Pink is a bright pink with a beautiful shimmer. It was weird to have a shimmer neon, but it kind of works. I think with three or four coats, it wouldn’t need the white base. It looks like a perfect pedicure color and I like it much more than I initially thought I would. Such a change between this one and Push & Pur-Pull.

OPI Hotter Than You PinkLast is Down to the Core-al. It looks much more red in this photo than it is in real life. I’m really disappointed I couldn’t get an accurate photo of this color. This one also pulled up the base color, but I think that was user error. I’m not sure about this formula.

OPI Down to the Core-alOverall, I’m a little indifferent. OPI is known for its smooth formula, and these colors did that reputation no favors. Outside of Push & Pur-Pull, I would recommend any of these colors. My personal favorite is definitely You Are So Outta Lime! Hope you have a great day and I’ll see you soon!



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