BBofCFL — Summer

Hey guys! Today, the Central Florida Beauty Bloggers have linked up to post for Summer. This summer has been filled with birthdays, movies, and soccer. Soccer is a normal summer occurrence — the men’s World Cup this year, women’s World Cup next year, and then the Summer Olympics the year after that. So, I’ve decided to do a World Cup mani!

World Cup Mani
I love this design. I need to attempt more complex designs like this one more often, because it just makes me so happy. For my index, I created the Brazilian flag in honor of the host country, a soccer ball for my middle finger, a soccer field for my pinkie, and can you guess what my thumb and ring finger are supposed to be?

World Cup 2014The USA jerseys! As soon as I sat down and planned out this manicure, I knew I would be using the jerseys rather than the flag. I’ve been a long-time soccer fan and I’m excited for this World Cup — especially after our win against Ghana! Hopefully, we’ll be able to play more offensively Sunday against Portugal. (We don’t talk about the current strikers for the US. My favorite is currently in LA, and that’s pretty heartbreaking for me.)

World Cup ManiMy colors for this design were all over the place. Included on my nails are OPI Jade is the New Black, Need Sunglasses?, Alpine Snow, Black Onyx, Over and Over A-Gwen, Julep Bailey, and China Glaze Manhunt, all topped by Seche Vite. It was crazy. The red, white, and blue was created with tape, and the rest of it was freehand. It’s not perfect by any means, and I completely understand why acrylic paint is so popular with nail art, but I’m so happy with how it came out.

Make sure you check out the other awesome ladies of this bunch! Follow the link down below to see theirs. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you Monday!


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