China Glaze Striped Gradient

Hey guys! I know, I know, I disappeared again. But, I’m back? I don’t know if I believe me. I want to be back. ANYWAY. I have a gradient/striping tape mani to share with you today!

China Glaze Electric BeatFor this look, I used started with China Glaze Electric Beat. This is a beautiful dusty blue that I knew I had to jazz up. I placed two strips of striping tape on each nail, then did a gradient with Manhunt.

China Glaze ManhuntLook at how short my nails are! I broke a nail last week, so I’m back down to nubs. I’m simply happy I didn’t shear one off completely — as is usually my luck. I do have some free edge to play with. (I have insanely short nail beds.) But anywho.

China Glaze Electric BeatI really love how it turned out. I found out really quickly that I’m not ready to give up summer colors on my hands just yet (and probably won’t be until November with this Florida heat), but it was a nice, simple design to wear. Let me know what you think!



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