The 31 Day Nail Art Challenge 2014

2014 31 day challengeThis is the part where you tell me I’m an idiot.

Go on. It’s true.

I am throwing myself into this 31 day oh-my-gosh-so-much-nail-polish, don’t-you-have-a-life, what-are-you-doing?! nail art challenge. I’ve watched numerous nail bloggers do this particular one before, and one of my blogging goals for the year was to do this with them. So when I realized September was about to start, and other bloggers are gearing up for it, it’s time for me to prepare as well.

Told you; I’m an idiot.

I’m aiming to have this completed in 31 days. My oh-my-gosh-I’m-going-to-kill-myself goal is to post each manicure each day. My personal struggle with maintaining a nail art blog is not painting my nails every day, but rather getting the pictures and having the time to post. I don’t have a job that allows me time to photograph, edit, draft, and post, so all of that is done at home, when I’m normally painting my nails.

So, to help balance out that problem, I’m going to be painting early. (Right now, I’m currently wearing the design for Day 1, but don’t tell anyone!) Is it cheating? Technically, yes. Do I care? Nope! This challenge is for me — to explore my creativity, forcefully throw myself outside the box, and prove I can do it.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Have you done this challenge?



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