31DC2014 Day 02: Orange Tips

Day 2! Today’s theme is orange, and when thinking about what I could do, I knew immediately what I wanted to try. One of our customers at work always has orange tips on her acrylics. Never fail. It’s odd because she’s an older lady, and most shy away from orange glitter, but not this woman. So, I decided to try out her signature nail design.

OPI DS LuxuriousI don’t usually wear French manicures, but since my nails are on the shorter side, I decided to give it a shot. Because my nail beds are short, my free edge actually takes up half my nail when I have my desired length, so French manicures do not look good. With this length, though, I do like it.

For this look, I used OPI DS Luxurious. It’s one of my favorite polishes, and especially a favorite orange. I did the design by starting the brush at one side and rolling my nail until I had a strip painted. I deepened the smile line with the polish brush and then cleaned up with a concealer brush dipped in polish remover.

31DC201431DC201431DC2014So, what do you think? I’m really happy with how it turned out. I don’t know if I’ll return to a French, but you never know! See you tomorrow!


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