31DC2014 Day 03: Yellow Blobbicure

Today’s prompt is yellow, and I’ve decided — again — to try a new technique. Colette from MySimpleLittlePleasures calls is a Blobbicure and I’ve decided to continue with the name. It didn’t turn out how I was thinking at all, but I figured I might as well get my first fail of the challenge out of the way!

OPI You're So Flippy FloppyI started with two thick, wet coats of OPI Black Onyx, then blobbed on You’re So Flippy Floppy. (It’s a Sand from a mini pack that was released with the Brazil collection.) I’m not sure if the black wasn’t wet enough or the textured polish didn’t quite want to work or what.

It just simply didn’t come out how I pictured it. C’est la vie.

31DC201431DC2014Thoughts? What do you think? I will revisit this technique again, but definitely with two polishes of the same finish. See you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “31DC2014 Day 03: Yellow Blobbicure

  1. WonderfulWolf says:

    Wooow, that is a cool technique. I think the middle finger looks good! It’s as if the black is over the yellow in that one compared to the others which is smart. I mean the whole thing’s not horrendous but I’ll definitely look forward to your second try?…


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