31DC2014 Day 04: Green

Hey guys! It’s day 4 and it’s still going good. I’m feeling the strain of posting every day, but I think that’s because work has gotten slightly longer this week. Still going good! Today’s prompt is green.

Essie Fashion Playground SwatchI’ve been seeing these beautiful vines done by kimiko7878 on Instagram lately, and when I picked out this particular green, I knew I had to give it a try. It’s another design that didn’t quite turn out how I anticipated, but for free hand and my first try, I’m really happy with it! I know for next time to get a thinner brush.

The green is one of my favorites: Essie Fashion Playground. I’ve been slowly falling in love with Essie color. Their pastel/softer shades have been absolutely beautiful and always have such a shine to them. The details were done using Essie Blanc and Play Date. I love the color combination as much as I thought I would.

31DC201431DC201431DC2014What do you think? I definitely like this “fail” much better than yesterdays! See you tomorrow!


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