31DC2014 Day 06: Violet Mashup

Hey guys! Happy Saturday. I’m heading in to Orlando tonight for a wedding tomorrow morning. I’m so excited! It’s like a mini vacation from life. Today’s prompt is violet, and I finally grabbed some colors and came up with…well, this.

Essie Chills and ThrillsI used all Essie polishes for this look. I started with Blanc for a white base. I’m not as happy with their white as I am their black, but it’s still a nice color. It was a little streaky and slightly sheer, but evened itself out with three coats. Then, I used Chills and Thrills and Lapiz of Luxury for the design.

When I was first thinking of a design, I was thinking of doing the distressed technique with all of my purples. However, I decided — for some reason — to try freehand checkerboard. Well, after doing one nail, I knew I wasn’t doing another full nail. Then after the tip on my middle, I said screw it and went with distressed on the rest of my nails anyway! I kind of like it, in it’s own odd, jumble of mess sort of way.

31DC201431DC201431DC2014What do you think? Let me know, and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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