31DC2014 Day 08: Metallic Strips

When I saw the prompt for metallic, I always figured I would end up stamping. They are wonderful polishes to stamp with, and the affect is worth it. Then, OPI posted this manicure on their Instagram from the New York Fashion Week. I immediately fell in love with the look so much, that I have no hesitation in posting my less-than-perfect bare nails on the blog.

OPI NYFWI used Julep Missy for the silver, then decided to add a swipe of Julep Margot just to add something. My nails are a little wider than the models, so the extra color seemed to ground the look on my nails. I kept the polishes glossy, but put a matte top coat over my bare nail.

This look is not for everyone. Even after reading the hundreds of comments on the original Instagram picture claiming how ugly it is, I found that I do not care. I love the look, especially in the context of being on the runway. Even though my nails are stained and have short nail beds, I’m so happy with the result.

Julep MargotJulep MissyWhat do you think? Would this be something you would wear, or is it severely not your taste?


4 thoughts on “31DC2014 Day 08: Metallic Strips


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